Ahmedabad: una primera investigación india en realidad ha encontrado que el Sistema de envío de nicotina pura digital (ENDS), también llamado cigarrillos electrónicos, representa una amenaza para la salud mucho menor que los cigarrillos inflamables y también podría ser un dispositivo adecuado para disminuir o dejar de fumar.
Publicada en el Indian Journal of Professional Technique (IJCP), la investigación, que implica una «evaluación organizada de 299 trabajos clínicos literarios publicados», fue realizada por el Profesor RN Sharan y también por su grupo del North-Eastern Hillside College, Shillong. Contrastó los envenenamientos de la nicotina pura, varios otros productos químicos y también los iones de acero creados a lo largo del hábito de fumar y también utiliza los cigarrillos electrónicos.

Según el grupo, «independientemente del aumento de la comprensión y también de los pasos regulativos para evitar fumar, el problema de los cigarrillos en todo el mundo realmente ha decepcionado una disminución considerable a lo largo de los años». En tal circunstancia, las opciones para el daño del cigarrillo disminuyen, como ENDS o los cigarrillos electrónicos, deben ser revisadas.

El profesor Sharan informó a IANS: «Esta evaluación organizada actual y también el metanálisis es el primer esfuerzo de los profesionales en la India para examinar los elementos de salud y bienestar del hábito de fumar tradicional y también ACABA para examinar de manera justa la viabilidad de los ENDS como mucho menos La elección perjudicial para el cigarrillo tradicional «.

La investigación concluyó que los ENDS de la generación más reciente eran métodos confiables para satisfacer la necesidad de nicotina pura, y también podrían ayudar a la población fumadora a abandonar la dependencia y también a proteger contra la disminución del daño por cigarrillos.

Amongst the essential searchings for, the professionals wrapped up that poisonous chemicals such as health hazards and also various other toxicants were located in considerably greater amounts in traditional cigarette smoke as contrasted to the vapour from an e-cigarette.

» For example, steel ion Cadmium, which is a Course 1 health hazard, a breathing, reproductive and also developing toxicant, was located to be over 1,369 times greater in cigarette smoke than ENDS vapour. In a similar way, Lead and also Chromium, which are Course 2a potential health hazards, mored than 12 and also 13 times, even more specifically in cigarette smoke.»

Cigarette smoke was likewise located to have «considerably greater degrees of Course 1 health hazards such as formaldehyde (over 8 layer), benzene (22 layer) and also NNK (over 92 layer), and also Course 2a potential health hazards, consisting of acetaldehyde (over 91 layer), Propanediol (over 53 layer) and also Isoprene (over 17 layer), to name a few, in contrast to vapour of e-cigarette.»

On the various other hand, nonetheless, the research likewise located that Nickel, a Course 2b feasible health hazard, was four-fold a lot more in electronic cigarette vapour than in cigarette smoke.

The scientists likewise located that the threat of severe poisoning from straight consumption of pure nicotine was very not likely to emerge as a result of electronic cigarette usage, as ENDS provided concerning 1mg of pure nicotine in blood (equal or reduced to a cigarette), whereas it’s understood poisonous degree remained in the series of 30-60 mg.

Discussing the feasible dangers occurring from the physical make-up or layout of ENDS tools, the research alerted that, «Poor products and also construct top quality, absence of quality assurance and also incorrect use ENDS can generate a prospective mishap danger called «thermal runaway» in lithium rechargeable batteries.

Nonetheless, the professionals included that «with technical development and also optimization of safety and security functions, these issues can be sufficiently attended to.»

Ultimately, the writers of the research located that «ENDS use was greater amongst previous cigarette smokers than non-smokers by virtually 4.13 layer, symbolizing that they might possibly come to be a helpful help in cigarette smoking cessation.

» Likewise, use ENDS was located to be 7.53 times greater in cigarette smokers than in non-smokers, which shows that, unlike assumption, e-cigarettes are much less most likely to be a portal to pure nicotine usage however are most likely made use of by cigarette smokers to lower cigarette damage or give up cigarette smoking.

The group made up Dr. Sambuddha Das and also Dr. Yashmin Choudhury from Assam College, and also Dr S. Thangminlal Vaiphei from Central College of Rajasthan.

Prof Sharan, that is a previous Head of state of the Indian Culture for Radiation Biology, stated: «Via this research, we have actually required sensible policy-making with the purpose of increasing advantages and also reducing possible dangers by expanding the advantages of ENDS to cigarette smokers that select to utilize them as cigarette smoking cessation devices, while stopping the abuse of ENDS by never ever cigarette smokers, teenagers and also youngsters.»

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